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Utterly unique, refined, superlative, words used to describe osenkou, Japanese incense in stick form.

Like to experience some of these amazing incenses created and refined sometimes over many hundreds of years at the hands of generations of masterful Japanese artisans? You're in luck. I can offer you the opportunity to experience just a few of their creations. If you have never tried osenkou (Japanese incense) it's time you did.

Please lose any expectations towards what you think you'll experience from lighting a stick. Forget completely what you've learned about incenses especially if, until now, you've only ever been exposed to low cost and artificially perfumed bamboo split incenses. I assure you, you will appreciate the senkoh experience.

So you think you won't like Japanese incenses?

Maybe all you've gained was headaches from burning those other incenses? Perhaps they made you cough, that sort of thing. That's ok, the incenses I offer you are universes apart from anything you might have experienced till now but of course... I can't promise these will suit absolutely everyone since no two people are alike, though they constantly exhibit the potential to very quickly turn lots of folk and their incense appreciation around on the spot. You, may be one of those people?

Now is the time to reconsider your position since you are almost certainly missing out by not experiencing some of the world's most astounding and beautiful creations.


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  A little bit of history...

Koukando Rengetsu An incense from World War II

Bundle of 60 long sticks inside a wound paper strip


This incense was part of an army order sent to troops who were at that time entrenched in Rabaul, New Guinea.


I had two bundles of the incense come into my keeping. I decided it would be both respectful and uplifting at the same time if I was to return one of those to the company that had created it. To my huge relief
it was accepted by a company representative with thanks and afterwards archived at their offices.


I have lit one stick from the roll I kept and I was somewhat intrigued to note it still managed to elicit a hint of scent. Apparently the incense is still to reach its useby date.







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